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The Stihl Br 800 backpack blower is a great piece of lawn care equipment. I tested it out recently and conducted an interview with my friend TIm who has been using the blower in his lawn business. In this video, we discuss the pros and cons of the blower as well as showing it in action. I show the blower blowing wet leaves and sticks, blowing a rock off the driveway, and blowing a log. It has good power and rides comfortably on the back. Hopefully, this review will give you good information if you are in the market for a backpack leaf blower.

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4 Comentarios

  1. Jerome Pinkus Jr.

    I use an 800 everyday. You have to choke it the first time and prime it good. After your first job, it will start on the first pull if you prime it or grab the trigger right away. It blows like a beast and if you're moving from job to job who cares about the side start. I dont turn it off until im ready to leave, lol. Blows wet grass and leaves really well. Watch the trigger on those mulch beds, lol. It is pretty heavy, but that will make your back strong

  2. George Artley

    Hello I just bought the bg86 and I also want to get the back pack, when buying one what one should I go with from br350 to the br800c

  3. Ken irving

    I was running our 700 and a bg50 while my son ran the 800. When the bg50 runs out of gas we take 5 while we refuel. I took the 800 and was surprised by the difference..its noticable. 10 year old br600 is still running and its been USED. Long live Stihl!


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